Key Stage 3

Key Stage 3 consists of the secondary years: years 7, 8 and 9.

In Key Stage 3 students follow a secondary curriculum model. We are aware of our students’ individual learning and social needs and our aim is to provide their entitlement in an accessible and personalised way. The curriculum is designed to ensure that all pupils study their entitlement of subjects and our specialist facilities enable us to deliver high quality education. For most subjects pupils are taught in their year group through varied and differentiated activities. Students in years 8 and 9 are set for English and Maths according to their ability and needs.

We aim to raise the academic achievement of all students in every subject whilst ensuring they develop their independence skills, ability to work in a team and leadership skills through offering a range of innovative projects and activities. These varied learning experiences, achievements within individual targets, development of social skills and increasing maturity ensure our students have the structure to make informed decisions and are well prepared to continue their learning journey into Key stage 4.

Key Stage 3 students all take part in an ‘off-timetable’ day, dedicated to Careers Education. This is the WOW Day.

Our ‘WOW’, or World of Work, event is a day dedicated to exploring careers in Key Stage 3. Students spend their morning taking part in a series of hands-on workshops hosted by guest speakers from a variety of local businesses, covering a range of interest areas. In the class-based afternoon session, students can choose from a range of activities exploring individual interests and skills, and different work environments. This fun day helps pupils to begin to think about their individual goals for the future, in preparation for more focused careers work in Key Stage 4.