Key Stage 4

Key stage 4 consists of the secondary years: years 10 and 11.

Key Stage 4 consists of years 10 and 11

In Key Stage 4 students are encouraged to take greater responsibility for their own learning, to develop more independence, to gain an understanding of the community outside Hazel Oak and to gain knowledge and understanding of the further education and career options that are available to them following their time here.



Students work towards accredited qualifications in English, Maths and Science at levels appropriate to individual needs and abilities (Entry Level or GCSE).

All students study Home Cooking Skills, Arts Award, Physical Education, PSHE, Relationship and Sex Education, Enterprise, RE and Computing. In addition, Y11 students are taught ‘Life Ready’ which incorporates life skills, Careers and Citizenship.

Currently, students also choose two of the following options: Art, Land Based Studies, Modern Foreign Languages, Music and Design Technology: Resistant Materials.


Careers and the future

Vocational skills and future pathways are a core component of our curriculum with a focus on practical skills, Enterprise and the world of work.

Y10 students take part in a World of Work Week where they experience a range of visits and workshops. The week includes a Take-Over Day at a local charity where students work as a team within the shop to raise money for the chosen charity and to develop their social and work skills.
All KS4 students have a Careers Interview with an Independent Careers Advisor where realistic further education options are discussed and in the Summer Term Y11 complete a two week Work Experience placement.


Personal development and Independence

We work closely with the Travel Training Team at Solihull Council to ensure that those students who are able are supported to learn to travel to and from Hazel Oak independently using public transport rather than using Local Authority taxis.

We also use public transport as much as possible when going out and about as part of our curriculum.

‘Independence Challenge’ is a Key Stage initiative which encourages students to be more independent at home. Students are encouraged to develop their experiences and practical skills and, consequently, their self-confidence.

There are many opportunities for students to gain experiences outside the classroom. We offer a range of Educational Visits and termly Reward Trips. In Y11 all students take part in the Shakespeare Schools Festival where they perform a Shakespeare play in a professional theatre.

We encourage greater responsibility as students mature: following a whole school election process, Y11 pupils are selected as Head Boy and Head Girl, pupils take on roles to support younger pupils during transition from KS3 to KS4 and we hold fortnightly Key Stage Assemblies which are often led by pupils. School Council representatives ensure that all students in the Key Stage are given a voice regarding issues that affect them.