Lower School

Our Lower School consists of four classes that cover the primary years: Reception to Year 6. 

The experienced primary team are dedicated to inspiring and encouraging every individual to have high aspirations from an early age, recognising their own potential and supporting others in achieving theirs. Pupils begin their learning journey through play in their early years, increasing in social and independence skills as they move through the department and prepare for transition to upper school.

The curriculum is a rich balance of national curriculum subjects alongside outdoor learning and extra -curricular opportunities, offering support and challenge at levels appropriate to the needs of each individual. We also develop enterprise and technology skills in our pupils from an early age and raise awareness of their place in the wider world with an eye on the future. This is delivered with an innovative variety of teaching and learning styles, to reflect the diversity of individual need.

In the primary department we believe in regular praise and reward, maintaining high standards and levels of challenge, working together as a team whilst celebrating independence, and above all to achieve this through having fun and enjoying lower school life with mutual respect.