Recognising all of our students’ many achievements is an important part of the work we do at Hazel Oak. We have weekly awards assemblies and additional reward systems throughout school.

Our termly and yearly awards are designed to recognise achievement across the spectrum, whether academic, sporting, creative or social. These trophies are awarded at special assemblies at the end of each term. Parents/carers of winners will be invited to these assemblies although we ask you to keep it secret so we can surprise the winners on the day!


Name of trophy Who qualifies? How often?
Progress Lower / Upper / Sixth Form Termly
Kindness Lower Termly
Consideration Upper Termly
Personal and Social Skills Lower / Upper Termly
Sporting Endeavour Lower / Upper Termly
Creative Arts Lower / Upper Termly
Performing Arts Upper / Lower Termly
Independence Sixth form Termly
Enterprise Upper / Lower Yearly
Most Successful Business Classes- Upper / Lower Yearly
Attendance 100% Lower / Upper / Sixth Form Yearly
Contribution to School Life Lower / Upper Yearly
Work Experience KS4 and KS5 Yearly
Scientist of the Year KS4 and KS5 Yearly
The Jo Jobling Award for Student of the Year Lower / Upper Yearly
The Kendrick Award for Special Achievement Lower / Upper Yearly
Head Boy / Girl KS4 Yearly