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We and 2 teachers from Hazel Oak Special School in Shirley, who have developed a free Secondary (low ability), Primary and SEN maths music resource. Songs are centred around an alien called Adam Up who uses a magic calculator to solve various mathematical problems. Bearded ‘Number Crunchers’ come out of the calculator, singing tricks and concepts using memorable, thematic, simple and catchy songs. We are confident that the songs and tricks are powerful learning tools, as our school use the resource daily, and children are now using the correct mathematic vocabulary in a variety of using and applying concepts. Recently, parents have been using the site to extend learning from home, and over 300 schools login to our website daily.  In addition, Alan Peat, Ros Wilson and Christopher Thorne (Mr Thorne does phonics) have supported our web site. In a bid to generate further interest, we were wondering if you would mention us in your blog?

(N.B- Please visit the desktop version of the website as opposed to the mobile version. The mobile version is very basic and not as effective in terms of a teaching tool).

Join us and spread the word on Twitter – @AdamUp_maths

YouTube Channel- Adam up maths

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