Annual Review


Annual reviews are very important as they give everyone the chance to make sure that your child is getting the support they require, in the right environment.

Your child’s Statement of Special Educational Needs is reviewed every year; you will be invited to attend a meeting with a member of the Senior Leadership Team, your child’s class teacher/form tutor and any other professionals who may be involved in your child’s education, health and wellbeing.

You will have the opportunity to make a written/verbal report and your child will be asked to do the same.

These meetings are very important and we ask that Parents make every effort to attend.



The success of our work depends on close collaboration with other agencies and professionals. We work closely with the following:


  • Social Services
  • Education Psychology
  • Connexions
  • Health Services – this includes:

–       speech and language therapy

–       occupational therapy

–       physiotherapy

–       School Nursing

  • CAMHS (Child and Adult Mental Health Service)
  • West Midlands Police

If there is an area where you feel you need more support, please contact our Access and Inclusion team who will do their best to help you find the right service for you and your child or family.