The school day

8.50am – Lower School Bubble Students assemble on playground

8.50am – KS4 Students assemble at the HUB

9.00am – Lower School and KS4 Start of school day

9.15am – Upper School Bubble Students assemble on playground

9.25am – Upper School Bubble Start of school day

10.00am – 10.30am – Morning break

11.30am – 1.15pm – Lowers School lunch until 12.30pm. Lunch, in two sittings, with lower school eating first. Teachers/teaching assistants also supervise at lunchtimes.

Lower School have an additional 15minute break in the afternoon.

All students take part in an active 10 minute ‘Fitness Flash’ session outside.

3.10pm – Lower School Bubble  & KS4 Bubble – End of school day

3.25pm – Upper Schoo Bubble – End of school day