Entry to Hazel Oak

Pupil admissions to Hazel Oak are managed through liaison with the Local Authority. If you feel that Hazel Oak is the right school for your child, you will need to:

  • State your preference of school when the proposed EHCP is issued (this happens when your child has been assessed prior to the plan being finalised)
  • If your child already has a statement, talk to the SENCO at your child’s current school – this will need to be discussed formally at the annual review, but you can ask for a meeting at any time if this is a concern.
  • Contact the Local Authority Statementing Officer for a discussion

Hazel Oak does not have a waiting list; the Local Authority will write to us with information about your child and we will then indicate whether our school can meet your child’s needs and whether we have any vacancies. You will then be contacted by the Local Authority.