6th Form Work Experience

The 6th Form would like to share their work experiences:

I went to Sainsbury's in Solihull all day on Thursday and had an excellent time.  We firstly went down to the warehouse where we looked at the different freezers and areas things are kept. I can't wait to start work experience at Sainsbury's.

By Jamie T

This is our six form blog, we are all taking part  in work experience.  Half are going to Sainsbury's and half the  students are going to Solihull Moors.  All of the students have enjoyed their first week at work as we had a look around and met the people that work there.

By Jake

We went to Sainsbury's on a induction visit. As we will be working at Sainsbury's as  part of our work experience.  We met the workers their names were Dave, John, Juliet and Abdul. They were nice and friendly to us the manager got us cakes and hot drinks.  We got our own jackets to wear and name tags.

It was really fun because we got to see the warehouse there and the bakery where  they make things and saw the food there.

Heath and safety rules at Sainsbury's are that if there is a fire alarm we walk out the building.

By Mirren & Chloe

We meet Paul Cowls Who is the community officer, we had a tour around the stadium at the Moors.

We also had a questionnaire sheet to fill out and decided what we wanted to do for our jobs.  We met people that did other jobs at the Moors and also got to meet the chief 

Executive and Birchy who was the groundsman.

Luke was the social media guy that does the posts such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram that has over 20,000 followers.

Hopefully we all enjoy our jobs at Solihull Moors and we would like to say thank you for having us. 


Solihull Moors Football Club


Hair and Beauty 

In our college there is hair and beauty department you can get your own hair and nails done for a cheap price.  The students are still learning how to do it properly and they are really nice people. You can get your eyebrows done but first you have to do a test to see what colour suits your skin type. 

Prices may change as time goes on and cheaper than outside shops but  you got to have test for many treatments like hair eyebrows and eyelashes. Men can get there hair done like now they can have wash and blow dry. The hair and beauty Salon is quite big and there are different departments for treatments.

The hair and beauty salon is on the ground floor you will have to walk past the canteen to get to it or if your working on the 2nd floor  you can take steps. Sometimes times can be late in the evening times and you got to book appointments or  you ring them to book one. You should come and try it it's nice. Very nice staff and young girls working.

‘Doorways to Music’ project

Class Lipman and some Sixth Formers were treated to an interactive performance from the harp and saxophone duo, Polaris Duo. The students listened to some beautiful compositions, took the lead in conducting the musicians and even composed their own rainstorm song! And if that wasn’t enough, they were invited to have a go at playing the harp!  Pleasingly, everyone tried something new today, many of whom were apprehensive at first. It was also great to see all students encouraging each other. Well done everyone!