Communication and Language is an integral part of the curriculum at Hazel Oak School and we strive to provide a ‘Total Communication’ environment to ensure all students have a voice and a way to express themselves and communicate with others. The Hazel Oak Communication Team work with Classroom staff so that students’ communication needs are addressed and met on a daily basis across the school day. In addition to school based support some of our students receive specialist intervention and assessment by NHS Speech and Language Therapists.

At Hazel Oak non-verbal children or those with very restricted verbal skills are taught to use an alternative or augmentative communication systems such as PECS and symbol communication books and boards. We also use technology to promote language and interaction including talk buttons, switches and IPAD apps, alongside Makaton signing which school staff are trained in. Visual supports including visual schedules, now/next boards and widgit symbols are also used throughout the school environment.

Alongside classroom support we are also able to carry out detailed and individualised assessments of children with Speech, Language and Communication needs using the ‘Language Links’ intervention programme. This assessment tool provides an overview of children’s understanding of language and allows for further support and targeted interventions to be put into place by school staff if this is felt appropriate.

Please contact the school office for further information on Communication and Language support at Hazel Oak School.