Head Pupil


I have been at Hazel Oak for a long time now. Since being here, I have improved socialising with others. At school, the things that make me happy are: reading; listening to music; playing the drums; being honest. I am not afraid to state my opinion and I am always determined to finish tasks. I don’t mind public speaking if I had to do it. Hazel Oak is good at identifying next steps in learning for students. Teachers are friendly and supportive. As Head Pupil, I feel that it is important to have tasty and healthy food, although I understand that schools have budget constraints. I therefore aim to support the kitchen staff with this.



I started at Hazel Oak in primary phase and I am now in Year 11. Before attending Hazel Oak, I did not talk much, but now, with lessons like Philosophy for Children, my communication skills have improved. I feel that Hazel Oak is a suitable environment for our students and staff are both supportive and encouraging. They are especially good at building confidence, and on a personal note, this has helped me to push myself. As Deputy Head Pupil, my main aim is to support students with travel training. I feel that confidence in this area will help students to become more independent and is a stepping stone to maturity.

I have been at Hazel Oak school since year 1 and I am now one of the oldest students. I’ve always enjoyed being here and think that the work is fun. For example, we are always going on trips and I really enjoy Maths lessons. 

After hearing the news that I have won the vote to become Deputy Pupil, I felt surprised and happy. I am good at my job because I am a good listener. I am also quite loud when I talk and this helps me to get my point across to people, especially students with hearing difficulties. By the end of the year I would like to see more lunch time clubs available for children.