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why hosta?​

Why Work With Us?

In the current educational climate all schools are required to adapt to new initiatives quickly and for many schools this can be a great challenge. HOSTA schools have experienced, skilled staff ready to work alongside colleagues in other settings to offer support and advice and model practical strategies and solutions to these challenges. We have experience in offering school to school support and within the alliance we have also driven teacher training to grow our own specialised teachers, supported apprenticeships and leadership development and progression. Supporting the increasingly diverse needs of pupils in all schools is a challenge we are equipped to meet so please get in touch to find out how we can help you.

What is Hosta?

HOSTA is a small teaching alliance made up of four successful special schools that support pupils across the age and ability range. We also work closely with local mainstream schools. The alliance was created in September 2015 when Hazel Oak school was designated a teaching school with a vision to enhance outcomes for all students in the region and grow success in teaching assistants, teachers and leaders for the future. We are working towards the national initiative of a school led system of improvement and we are always interested in making new connections and working partners.

How Can We Help?

We aim to build a working relationship to support 1 to 1 development of individuals or groups of staff, offering advice and ongoing support, varied training courses, Team Teach training, teacher training, experts in their field and experiences for you within the alliance to get a flavour of what SEN schools can achieve for their pupils. At HOSTA we want to spread the success of our support for pupils with additional needs wherever they are and help to grow the adults that support them.