Krzysztof Dziama



Krzysztof Dziama

Current Occupation

Senior Consultant – Transport and Highways




As a parent of 3 children (one of whom attends Hazel Oak school) I have lived and worked in the Midlands for the last 33 years.  

I have worked in the Transport and Highways sector for the last 30 years developing and implementing various transport and operational solutions to support a variety of customer needs in the private and public sectors.  

Over the years I have been actively involved within the local community through; 


Supporting my children’s schools as member of the PTA for over 9 years,


A Special Constable for 13 years, where in addition to undertaking normal police duties, I was involved in the West Midlands Police Urban Adventure Group.  This group worked with local schools in Solihull to support the development of their pupils through providing access to various outdoor activities. 


Reason for becoming a School Governor


As a Hazel Oak parent, I recognise the various challenges faced by parents to support their children with additional needs in ensuring the best outcomes, for their education and emotional, social and mental wellbeing as well as the added challenges medical conditions bring.  


I also wanted to understand the challenges faced by the school in fulfilling these needs and felt the skills I have developed in my daytime job, could support Hazel Oak in the development of strategic direction, a clear vision and accountability of how the school is managed.  All of which would ultimately support all pupils and their families.

Link Area in school

SEN governor 

Finance and premises sub committee