Home Learning

At Hazel Oak we recognise the importance of home learning and the contribution that homework makes to your child’s education. We also recognise that homework can be a subject of much anxiety for both parents and students, as many of our students find it difficult to make the merger between school and home. With this in mind we carefully consider the amount and content of homework we set at each age group.

Lower school homework tends to consist of reading and handwriting or spellings and Upper School have weekly homework set in the core subjects of Maths and English and additional subjects where appropriate. In Upper School, students have access to a weekly lunchtime homework club at which they are supported to complete any homework set and have access to computers and the internet should this not be available at home.

Lower school students have home-school diaries that are used as a regular method of communication by both parents/carers and staff. Any homework set will be recorded in these. In addition they each have a reading record book. Parents/carers are encouraged to read with their child at home and record progress in these record books.

Upper school students have homework planners that are used for parents/carers and staff to pass brief messages and to keep a check on any homework set. Teachers and teaching assistants check these daily and they are also monitored by the Senior Leadership Team.

Independence Challenge

Independence Challenge is a Hazel Oak initiative that has led to great personal successes and increased self-confidence and self-esteem for many of our pupils; developing pupil abilities and independence at home and in the community. 

Pupils are challenged to develop their independence out of school and to work on the life skills that are so important for the future. 

What is it?

A Hazel Oak initiative to develop pupil independence and Life Skills – working in collaboration with families.

Why do it?

Now that our pupils have reached Upper School and 6th Form they are teenagers who are developing and growing into young adults. To work towards personalised independence targets (with the combined support of school and home) encourages confidence, self-esteem and an ability to be more self-reliant in chosen areas.

When can we do it? 

Throughout Upper School and 6th Form pupils will be encouraged to set themselves targets, with agreement and encouragement from home. These targets can be worked on at home during term time and the holidays.

Where can we do it?

Anywhere! Previously pupils have aimed to achieve new skills in the home, community and when taking part in their hobbies and interests.

How do we do it?

Pupils take home ‘Independence Challenge Slips’ which are then completed by Parents/ Carers after their child has succeed in completing a personal challenge. 

The slips are brought back to school where they are displayed in classrooms and achievements discussed and celebrated by classmates and staff.

What can it include?

A whole range of skills and responsibilities! Previous students have enjoyed the following challenges:

Making their own bed every day; paying for items at the till; using the washing machine; ordering their own food in cafes; organising their own clothing for the next day, feeding the family pet, taking out the recycling, making a hot drink…

All challenges are personal to the pupil and their own needs and abilities, with the agreement of their family.