School Uniform

  • Black Blazer (Secondary pupils only)
  • School tie (Secondary pupils only)
  • Grey or Black skirt / trousers / pinafore
  • White blouse / shirt
  • Plain Green cardigan/ V neck jumper or school sweatshirt
  • Grey or white socks / tights
  • Dark coloured sensible shoes 
    (Trainers may not be worn as school shoes)

Summer Uniform (optional)

  • Green & white check dress


  • White short-sleeved polo shirt and grey or black shorts

PE Uniform

  • Plain white T-shirt
  • Plain black shorts / tracksuit bottoms/ joggers
  • White cotton P. E. Socks
  • Trainers (not plimsolls)

Infant pupils may wear a white polo shirt without a tie

School fleece (optional)


Students should not wear jewellery to school, but may wear a watch, one stud earring in each ear and any items necessary to the student’s religion. Body piercing is not appropriate for school.

Make-up and Nails

Make-up, nail colour or acrylic nails are not appropriate for school.

Mobile Phones

Students are not permitted to have mobile phones in school. If they are an independent traveller, in consultation with the school, they must leave their phone with reception and collect it at the end of the day.

We have some items of second-hand uniform available at school so please contact the office if there's an item you may need.