At Hazel Oak we recognise that the emotional well-being of our pupils is crucial to their learning and development. Pupils are encouraged to use mindfulness techniques and be emotionally literate. 

Jigsaw PSHE is the mindful approach to PSHE which brings together Personal, Social, Health and Economic education with an emphasis on emotional literacy, social skills, mental health and SMSC, especially spiritual development.

Our PSHE programme helps children know and value who they really are and how they relate to other people in this ever changing world. Hazel Oak pupils are equipped for a diverse world, encouraged to be resilient and develop inner strength and taught strategies and techniques to aid transitions and changes.

The Puzzles:

Being Me in My World

Includes understanding my place in the class, school and global community as well as devising Learning Charters.

Celebrating Difference 

Includes anti-bullying (cyber and homophobic bullying included) and diversity work.

Dreams & Goals 

Includes goal-setting, aspirations for yourself and the world and working together

Healthy Me

Includes drugs and alcohol education, self-esteem and confidence as well as healthy lifestyle choices 


Includes understanding friendship, family and other relationships, conflict resolution and communication skills.

Changing Me 

This puzzle includes sex and relationships education in the context of coping positively with change.

  • establishes a safe learning environment
  • offers accurate information
  • builds skills essential for life and relationship
  • creates learning experiences they look forward to
  • establishes a safe learning environment
  • offers accurate information                          
  • gives resiliencee and inner strength
  • develops spiritual peace