Smile Week

Class Appiah enjoyed 'SMILE' week!

We liked meeting other pupils in school in our learning breaks in the garden, and making up games  on Star Wars and families (socialising with each other). We showed off our 'flossing' skills and had a go at doing a conga line on Friday. We all found an interest throughout the Friday afternoon, whilst having a go at hula hooping and juggling. We didn't find juggling easy, but happily persevered. At last... a few pupils mastered it! We did our mindfulness colouring and relaxation each morning in our folders. We made some amazing photos in photography, testing angles of the camera and later engaged in origami, making boats, showing how talented we all are, especially as some staff found this challenging!

"I liked the idea the week was about smiling."

"I enjoyed dancing" 

"I liked the 'Rock and Roll' drumming."