Turing and Murdoch – Y10 Arts Award

Supersonic Kids Gig – 8thMarch 2019

Do fruit and veg make sounds?

In the studio Y10 Arts Award pupils met local musician Sarah Farmer to find out more about sound recording and music through laptops.

Firstly, we did some research about Sarah and found out she plays a violin and is from Birmingham.

Then, Sarah gave us all a microphone sound recorder and we went into the garden to record all kinds of unusual, strange and surprising sounds.

Next, we tested our sounds out in the Studio and played them to each other. Sarah plugged wires into different sorts of objects such as bananas, mushrooms, carrots, lemon and a Slinky. The Slinky connected it all together so that all the fruit and veg could work.

The sounds we made in the garden were the sounds that the fruit and veg made. The laptop created sound waves and vibrations to create the music.

It was very cool.

It was an interesting experience and we learnt about the Art Form of Music in a different way.

We completed Part B for our Arts Award Bronze portfolio.

Written by Y10 Arts Award pupils