Work Experience – Year 11.

WOW week encourages the Year 10 students to start considering a WEX placement which they will undertake during Year 11. 

At Parents Evening the Work Experience Co-ordinator follows on from the students WOW week by introducing herself to families and presenting information explaining about WEX so that parents are informed well in advance. T

The children are actively encouraged at the end of Year 10 and during their summer holiday to secure their Work Experience placement.  Once secured, the students have a pre-visit before Easter to avoid their exam period. 

During the lead up to their placement they will work in class to prepare for placements to ensure that they have a successful experience.

Once WEX weeks arrive they have their WEX booklet to complete for evidence of the skills learnt during placement and then this is updated to their C.V. held on file here in school so they have an up to date working document. 

During their debrief session in school (the final day of WEX) they are able to bring in a memory stick to take a copy of their C.V or email a copy to upload their experience to their C.V.

WOW (World of Work)

KS3 (Years 7, 8 and 9) take part in a “World of Work” (WOW) Day.  We focus on the life skills that the students have and look at how these skills fit in to a working role. 

The children have a WOW booklet to work through during the day and attend a carousel of workshops facilitated by external visitors. 

This is a fun way for the children to start considering their future role in the community. The work undertaken in evidence booklets allows our Work Experience Co-ordinator to start getting ideas for their WOW week event and where their interests are. 

It also helps us plan which organisations we would like to work with, including organising offsite visits – such as the animal care centre at Solihull College in WOW week.

The 3rd year of the programme focuses on getting their information on a CV and researching where or what they might like to do during their WOW Week in Year 10 so that they are experiencing areas of interest in preparation for Work Experience in Year 11.

In Year 10, the students have a full WOW week.  This expands from their day in Year 9 and we have a different group of external facilitators come in for workshops that are much more focused on the technical side of work such as employability and job applications, C.V writing and interviews. 

 During this week the students also take part in ‘Takeover Days’ in the community, with work experience in different job roles. Recently, students have worked within both the Red Cross and Scope charity shops. The children plan for this day in advance at the beginning of the week and bake cakes in our cookery room to sell on the day at the shop.